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Every employee has a breaking point, and managers are pushing employees over the edge in ways that are leading to alienation, poor morale, lower productivity, declining engagement, disaffected employees, wasted resources and produces behavior that is creating risk for organizations.

Pre-Emptive Strike Consulting, Inc. has responded by developing S.T.R.A.P., the Sensitivity and Tolerance Risk Assessment Program.

STRAP is an assessment tool that gives companies essential information about what’s going wrong in the workplace – why employees are unhappy and even acting out, and helps CEOs, Managers and HR ‘take the temperature’ of all staff to figure out the extent to which employees have reached an unmanageable level of stress.

It identifies the exact stress factors that are creating the greatest discomfort and lowering morale and productivity, AND it can help you target your response so that you don’t waste time coming up with interventions or strategies that just won’t work! This helps you get the right medicine for your particular ailment in the workplace… quick, effective, practical relief is completely achieveable!