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  • Address: 325 Front Street West, 4th Floor, Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Phone: 416-629-5833

At Maple, we share the belief that through technology and innovation, you should have access to healthcare professionals when and where you need it. You bank online, shop online, and work online. Why not access healthcare online?

Maple is the only Canadian telemedicine service that connects employees to a doctor on every interaction, facilitating a 91% issue resolution rate and providing a higher ROI by more effectively preventing workplace absences. We offer the best access to doctors with nationwide, 24/7 on-demand services, allowing patients to access doctors on their terms, whenever and wherever they need. Our application and virtual medical record are best-in-class and offer an unrivalled patient experience, with consultations available via chat, phone or video. We also provide access to on-demand psychotherapy services directly on the Maple app, accessible by your employees and covered by existing health benefits plans.

We believe Maple’s new model of healthcare delivery will accelerate the world’s journey to a more sustainable health system, saving precious hospital and clinic resources for those who need them most.