Ever wish you had a crew of workplace experts to consult with on how to address issues related to psychological health and safety?

Welcome to our “Ask an Expert” series! In these 90-minute speed-dating style sessions, 9 leading workplace experts offer personalized advice and answer your specific questions on every aspect of workplace psychological health and safety from legal, leadership, and disability management to workplace relations, peer support, mental health and more.

How does it work?

  • Sign up for a session on your own through Registration or with up to 3 of your colleagues and jot down any questions you’ll want to ask each expert
  • At the session, each expert will sit down with you (and your chosen group if applicable) for 9 minutes
  • If you or your colleagues have specific questions for an expert, fire away to get personalized advice! If you don’t have questions for one of the experts, they’ll share some useful tips and resources with you instead.

When are the sessions?

Session 102 Wednesday, January 30 10:30am-12pm
Session 153 Wednesday, January 30 3pm-4:30pm
Session 226 Thursday, January 31 10:30am-12pm
Session 351

Friday, February 1



Meet your Experts

Ask a workplace relations specialist Mary Ann Baynton

Ask me about…

Managing workplace relationships including difficult bosses, incompetent leaders, emotionally distraught workers, those who give you the silent treatment, arguers, blamers, negative or angry workers, those who may have a mental health issue, those who may be oblivious to their performance issues, and those who are in conflict.

Ask a CEO Steve Horvath

Ask me about…

  • Integrating a “culture of caring,” mental health and wellness into the strategic and business imperatives of an organization. “Lean in” and be heard by the corner office about mental health and diversity as a business growth strategy instead of an HR program.
  • Sustaining mental health and wellness culture change through executive vision, leadership and engagement. Build champions from the top and leaders from the “middle.”

Ask a peer support expert Kim Sunderland

Ask me about…

Peer Support and the key success factors to create an effective and sustainable Workplace Peer Support Program.

Ask a workplace mental health expert Sarah Jenner

Ask me about…

  • How to build a supportive accommodation plan that focuses on job expectations and doesn’t require medical information
  • How to approach an employee who is struggling to meet their job requirements
  • How to resolve a conflict between co-workers that doesn’t place shame or blame, but also addresses the issue
  • How your team members can build resilience and address life stressors
  • How to develop people leaders that feel confident and competent address workplace issues

Ask an occupational health nurse/disability management Linda Brogden

Ask me about…

  • Return to work: how do I safely bring someone back to work from a longer absence to insure sustainability?
  • Accommodations: how do you go about implementing? What information do I need to create an effective plan?
  • How do I know if an employee is really ill or just “taking time” off and calling it sick leave?

Ask a psychologist Dr. Joti Samra

Ask me about…

Emotional intelligence in the workplace, psychologically safe leadership & all things related to psychological health and mental illness (including assessment, diagnosis, and evidence-based treatments)!

Ask a human resources lawyer Lauren Bernardi

Ask me about…

Preparing harassment and code of conduct policies and investigating and resolving complaints.

Ask a union representative Sari Sairanen

Ask me about…

Addressing psychosocial hazards in the workplace that can lead to stress and mental injury.

Ask a psychological health and safety physician David Brown

Ask me about…

Health, performance and work absence.

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