Talent Pool Builder

  • Booth Number: 1009
  • Website: http://www.nethire.com
  • Address: 7050 Telford Way, Suite 100A, Mississauga, ON, Canada
  • Phone: 800-973-4641-231

Talent Pool Builder is a complete source-to-hire Canadian made Applicant Tracking System. As a cloud-based applicant tracking system, our clients are able to use our technology anywhere from their office or remotely from home with all data stored in Canada. Talent Pool Builder is an amazing tool for recruiters and hiring managers to manage their hiring process including requisitions, job postings, ad campaign management, interviews, offer management, email and texting. With these tools at their fingertips, we have helped cut down their hiring time by 90%. We have also made it extremely easy for candidates to apply on their mobile devices, and cutting down the apply process to 45 seconds or less, leading to more qualified candidates. By implementing different technologies, Talent Pool Builder ensures our client’s candidates receive an excellent candidate experience and our clients can make the best hires!