Apex Occupational Health Solutions Inc

  • Booth Number: 532
  • Website: http://www.apexocc.com
  • Address: 1601 River Road East, Unit 102, Kitchener, ON, Canada
  • Phone: 519-896-3330

Apex is the trusted advisor for occupational health, wellness and ergonomics programs for companies and organizations across Ontario, offering knowledge-based medical and regulatory guidance and a full-spectrum of high-quality employee health solutions. Our mission is to assist employers reduce the risks related to employee health.

Working closely with clients, Apex designs and delivers services that integrate easily into company operations, engage employees for increased program participation, and provide a cost-effective return on your health and wellness investment.

The company is owned and operated by doctors and as such, our focus is medical in nature. All of our services are performed under the direction of Medical Director, Dr. Friars.

Dr. Friars obtained his Occupational Medicine credentials from the United States where this specific type of training is available. Typically, U.S. Standards are more stringent than in Canada. This has proven beneficial for all our clients, especially those that have U.S. operations and want consistent risk protection in all their locations.