CMS Career Management Solutions Inc.

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  • Address: 5700-100 King W, Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Phone: 416-960-9845

100% Canadian

CMS is 100% Canadian owned and operated, providing corporate sponsored employees with professional career counselling, personal branding and job-search assistance services for over thirty five years.  Our reputation as the Canadian career marketing experts has been developed through helping over fifteen thousand employees from over 500 major corporations and public sector organizations in all areas of the economy – from Victoria, BC to St. John’s Newfoundland.

You can think of CMS consultants as temporary extensions to your own HR department.

Without exception we consider ourselves to be in ‘The Helping Business’ and we feel a personal responsibility for the work we do on your behalf. (CMS is not a division of a multi-national corporation controlled by hedge fund managers purely focused on shareholder value in different jurisdictions or countries.)   Furthermore, we are fully aware that your success and reputation for choosing the right provider is our success and reputation too!