• Booth Number: 541
  • Website: http://www.fellow.app
  • Address: 66 Slater. Suite 300, Ottawa, ON, Canada
  • Phone: 613-890-6202

Fellow is a manager’s co-pilot: the first app of its kind built for managers and their teams to power 1-on-1s, group conversations, feedback, and priorities.

We’re working with world-class companies like Shopify, North, Vidyard, and Lightbend to empower their managers to be great team leaders. We’ve distilled the best workflows from our work with these leaders into one lightweight, easy to use toolbox that is now accessible to everyone. 

Fellow empowers managers and their teams to:

  • Plan one-on-one agendas collaboratively
  • Exchange ongoing feedback and recognition
  • Assign clear action items and centralize them in one easy-to-read to-do list
  • Track short, medium, and long-term priorities
  • Collaborate on talking points and action items for team meetings
  • Ask for meeting feedback to make meetings better for everyone
  • Receive leadership insights, meeting reminders, and notifications when you haven’t exchanged feedback in a long time.