Kliic.com - Customized Feedback Assessments Surveys

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Kliic.com’s Assessment & Survey Platform lets you design, administer, report (even calculate economic value/ROI) on any competency based 360 Assessment or Survey. The Kliic platform provides you with meaningful feedback and data to support individual and team development, increase employee engagement, and to support organizational excellence.

Kliic is a simple, flexible and cost-effective tool helping HR leaders, training organizations and executives identify, quantify, and address opportunities for improvement, to anticipate future challenges, and to strive towards organizational growth.

Kliic enables you to:

  • Design your own customized 360 assessments,
  • Build your own competency framework,
  • Access nearly 100 standard competencies,
  • Generate a variety of individual, group and consolidated reports,
  • Request, review and analyze meaningful feedback,
  • Easily manage the entire process.

With Kliic, you’re in complete control.

For more information, visit us at www.kliic.com