Giving Back to your Professional Regulatory Association

HRPA members are involved in a variety of volunteer opportunities, including charting the direction for the Association and the Profession by:

  • Serving on HRPA’s Board of Directors;
  • Regulating the profession through the work of our Statutory and Standing Committees; and
  • Supporting the HR Community through local Chapters and committees as well as steering professional development and conference design and support.

Individuals volunteering their time and expertise, provide an important service to HRPA, they are helping the regulatory professional Association further its mission of, setting the standards of learning, competence and conduct for members to enhance the standing of the human resources profession while protecting the public.


Volunteering for HRPA’s Board of Directors

As a Board Director of HRPA you are serving the public of Ontario by sharing your knowledge and insight of the HR Profession for the greater good of society.

Serving on HRPA’s Board provides experiential opportunities. Board service allows you to apply skills you’ve acquired through the span of your career to advance the profession. HRPA has three board committees, comprised of Directors; our Audit and Finance; Governance and Nominating; and Human Resources and Compensation. With additional positions available when special tasks forces are struck i.e. strategic planning, chapter relations and election processes. After you serve your first year you may be invited to stand as vice chair or chair of the committee.

As a Board Director you’ll have enhanced networking opportunities with other leaders and influencers in the HR Profession and in the Regulatory Community, in addition to building social networks with your peers on the Board.

Giving back to the profession you care deeply about is an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience. You’ll be shaping the future of the Association and the Profession. Your commitment and stewardship will be evidenced by your careful decision making at the Board table and will chart the direction for HRPA.

More information on Board Nominations here. Elections are open from Jan 28 – March 1 5:00 pm. NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOUR VOICE TO BE HEARD!!


Volunteering with HRPA’s Statutory and non Statutory Committees 

Committees and Volunteers

Statutory committees are committees that are required under the Registered Human Resources Professionals Act.

Although the committees are established by HRPA, they are independent of HRPA and derive their authority from the Act, as such, statutory committees do not ‘report to’ the Board in any conventional sense.

Non-Statutory committees derive their authority from the authority of the Board to set standards of qualification and are enabled by the Associations by laws.

These committees are composed of members of the general public and members of HRPA. They serve as a conduit of information for the regulation of members while protecting the general public.

Learn more about HRPA’s Committees and Volunteers, members are able to view open opportunities with our statutory committees at .


Volunteering at the Chapter level

At the Chapter level you are supporting HRPA by upgrading our chapter management systems, processes and program creation, to ensure that the Association is delivering consistently high quality education, networking and mentoring experiences.

Some of the positions at the Chapter level include; early career opportunities as a student liaison with your local college or university; one day support for event logistics; longer term commitments with mentoring opportunities or networking and professional development planning; or sitting on a local chapter board where you chart the direction for all local programing and create enhanced member experiences.

To learn more about volunteering within HRPAs’ Chapter structure please visit .