How to start using Linkedin to build your professional network

Learn best practices for:

  • optimizing your profile
  • networking
  • sharing content
  • building a professional brand

Karen Ly, Enterprise Sales Manager, LinkedIn Canada

The possibilities are endless when people have access to economic opportunity. Karen’s great passion is helping others access possibilities. She believes that a job is not just a job – it touches all aspects of a person’s life and can uplift whole families, communities, and nations.

A first-generation Canadian, Karen experienced firsthand the transformative nature of education, mentorship, networking and social connection.

After attending the University of Toronto, Karen spent most of her early career helping people find meaningful work in the IT industry. Her 14 years of recruitment, and sales experience with Canada’s largest financial services and consulting companies, eventually led her to Linkedin. At Linkedin, she leads an Enterprise Relationship Management team. Leading a business in Linkedin’s Talent Solutions allows her to scale her impact. She feels so fortunate to be able to play a part in the vision to create economic opportunity to the global workforce.

Karen lives in Toronto with her family, and in her spare time is attempting to write a book on the experiences of Vietnamese refugees.