Ready to raise your Trade Show Game? Get in on our mobile app contest, the #ACGames!

Participating in the #ACGames is a guaranteed way to increase your traffic, connect with attendees on the Trade Show floor & maximize exposure to your products/services and brand.

How the contest works

Conference delegates compete to accumulate points by completing challenges and networking and interacting with trade show exhibitors using features on their HRPA conference mobile app before and during the conference. The delegate with the most points by 9:30am on Friday, February 1st, 2019 wins the #ACGames grand prize and runners-up receive donated exhibitor prizes.

Before and during the conference, delegates earn points by contacting exhibitors to schedule a demo or meeting, exchanging contact information, posting images and information about exhibitors on social media, answering questions about exhibitors’ products and services and other activities. The contest is open only to conference delegates who hold paid conference passes; volunteers, HRPA staff, Exhibitors, Sponsors, and Chapter Personnel are prohibited from participating.

Benefits for #ACGames Exhibitors

Delegates who visit and network with participating #ACGames Silver Level exhibitors (exhibitors who have donated a prize worth $75–$200 to the #ACGames) will earn 50% more points — thus driving more traffic to your booth, delivering more potential leads and exposing your brand, products & services to more HR decision makers. This year, we’ve added a bonus Gold Level; participants can collect even more points for engaging with #ACGames exhibitors who donate a prize worth $200 or more.

Additional Benefits for #ACGames Exhibitors

  • Acknowledgement, company logo and link to company website on the HRPA 2019 Annual Conference
Website’s #ACGames page
  • Promotion of the #ACGames page through HRPA eblasts and social posts
  • Prize winner announcement on HRPA’s Twitter account featuring your company’s logo and Twitter handle
  • Social media posts and posts to the conference app wall from conference delegates mentioning your company’s brand, social handle, products and services

Want to get in on the game? Participating is a snap!

  • Contact Kevie Carr at to donate a prize worth a minimum $75 value
  • Download the app and complete your individual profile so attendees can connect & exchange contact information with you*

Can you still participate in the #ACGames if you don’t donate a prize?

Yes! All exhibitors will be issued a code on site that they can give to attendees upon completing one of the #ACGames challenges: exchanging contact information. While we encourage exhibitors to use the app to exchange contact information with conference delegates* using our Shake & Connect feature, exhibitors are welcome to use other means (e.g. badge scanning, manual entry into database).

*Important Note:

Attendees can only schedule demos/meetings and/or use Shake & Connect to exchange profiles with other individuals who have profiles on the app – they cannot arrange a demo/meeting or exchange contact information with the Company profile in your Exhibitor listing. To use the Shake & Connect feature in the #ACGames, Exhibitors must have at least one individual from their booth who has a profile on the HRPA AC 2019 app.


Examples of activities/point values

Activity Base


No prize donation



Exhibitor donating a prize worth $75–$200



Exhibitor donating a prize worth $200 +

Delegates shake and connect or exchange contact info with an Exhibitor 50 points 100 points 150 points
Delegates create a social media post about an #ACGames exhibitor’s products/services and include an image of their booth N/A 100 points 150 points
Delegates schedule a demo or meeting with an #ACGames exhibitor before February 1 N/A 100 points 150 points
Other challenges 50–200 points

What kinds of prizes are appropriate?

When considering your prize donation, please bear in mind that #ACGames participants come from all parts of Canada and work in a variety of roles and industries.

Prizes will be designated rather than chosen by recipients so prizes that allow recipients some choice like pre-paid credit cards or gift cards for online marketplaces are ideal. Other good prize picks include technology prizes, gift cards for chain stores, restaurants, or services that have locations or deliver throughout Canada.

Please avoid donating prizes that:

  • Can only be used in a specific location e.g., a gift card for a massage therapist in Calgary
  • Are only useful for people working in a specific industry or type of work e.g., software that will help to optimize recruiting; a gift certificate for one hour with a patent lawyer
  • Require a larger purchase or a commitment to a specific vendor e.g., a $200 credit towards $400 worth of Rogers communications services


Prize donation must be confirmed, along with the submission of prize description, prize image, logo, and company description by January 11th, 2019 to be included in our printed program.

Any prizes donated after January 11th can be submitted with their information up until January 18th, but will only appear on the AC website.


What we need with your Prize Donation:

  • Your logo in eps format and/or high resolution jpg or png 

  • 100-word description of your business

  • Company URL

  • An image of your prize or prize pack in eps format and/or high resolution jpg or png 

  • Brief description of the prize e.g. $200 Pre-paid Visa; Wellness Package including Essential Oil Diffuser, Essential Oils, Hand Cream, Bath Salts

  • Value of the prize e.g. $250

Where your participation in the #ACGames will be promoted

Prizes & your logo will be included in the Annual Conference printed program; Prizes, your logo and company description will be posted to the #ACGames section our website.

Questions? Need more information?

Please contact Kevie Carr at or 416.923.2324 | Toll-Free: 1.800.387.1311 x 336.